Hello everyone !!!

Some 45 years ago I received my first perfume miniature and did what all starting collectors do, I put them in a small letterbox.

Now many years later I have a collection of a few thousand perfume miniatures, mostly with its original box.

Certain brands I do prefer more then others such as Christian Dior, Thierry Mugler, Chanel, JP Gaultier, Guerlain but truthfully I do collect all miniatures that I like by preference in “perfect” condition.

Unfortunately I cannot expose all my miniatures because lack of space and I want to keep them away from direct sunlight and heat.

In my living room are 9 glass window show-cases which isn’t much for a real collector. The miniatures I cannot show are kept in their boxes and sealed in big plastic boxes.

All my double perfume miniatures are on this site and also those I have stopped collecting. They are for sale so that I can buy other ones I would like to have in my collection. I do exchange for new items.

Have fun watching my site and if you have any questions please click the “Contact me” button on top of each page !!!

Kind regards,


P.s. Je parle Français - Ik spreek Nederlands